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The color screen injection pump is composed of a stepper motor and its driver, a screw rod and a bracket, etc. It has a reciprocating screw rod and nut, so it is also called a screw pump. The nut is connected with the piston of the syringe, and the syringe is filled with fluid to realize smooth liquid transmission without pulsation. The color screen syringe pump is widely used. According to the purpose, it can be divided into medical and non-medical, as well as color screen syringe pump for laboratory and industrial syringe pump. The number of channels can be divided into single channel and multi-channel (dual channel, four channel, six channel, eight channel, ten channel, twelve channel).

Shenchen Pump Industry is a manufacturer of color screen injection pumps. The color screen injection pumps produced are push-pull non-medical injection pumps. It adopts a stainless steel case, a 4.3-inch industrial-grade color LCD display, and can be operated by touch. Support RS232, RS485 (Modbus communication protocol), 1-12 channels are optional, and different specifications of injectors and samplers can be installed.


The color screen syringe pump produced by the Shenchen color screen syringe pump manufacturer has four working modes and traffic jam protection functions. Its product quality is good and the after-sales service is also good. If you want to know more about Shenchen color screen syringe pumps, you can visit Shenchen Pump Industry Check the product parameters of the color screen syringe pump on the website, or contact our online customer service directly.