> V3-YZ1515x Intelligent Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump

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The v3-yz1515x flow-type peristaltic pump is an intelligent version of the peristaltic pump in the Shenchen peristaltic pump family. It is a flow-type peristaltic pump model V3, with optional YZ1515x pump head, suitable for laboratories, industrial equipment, etc.


The v3-yz1515x flow-type peristaltic pump (smart version) is a 4.3-inch industrial-grade true color LCD screen, which can be operated by touch. Animation shows the transmission status, flow data, setting parameters, and system configuration are displayed on the same screen; three measurement modes: quantitative measurement, timing quantitative, and timing disco, meeting various transmission and distribution requirements; with intelligent calibration and online fine-tuning functions.

v3-yz1515x flow type peristaltic pump (intelligent version) The flow range is 0.007-1330ml/min, the speed range is 0.1-600 rpm, and 7 types of peristaltic pump tubes can be installed: 13#, 14#, 19#, 16# , 25#, 17#, 18#. Abundant external control interfaces can meet different supporting requirements, and programmable external control speed regulation.


The v3-yz1515x flow peristaltic pump (intelligent version) supports two interfaces, RS323 and RS485, which can be selected in the software interface. Support multiple baud rate communication, 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps. Can choose standard modbus communication protocol or Shenchen communication protocol control, modbus communication protocol is suitable for industrial site man-machine interface, PLC or other host computers supporting modbus communication protocol, and Shenchen communication protocol is suitable for MCU or computer programming host computer.