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Peristaltic pumps can be divided into basic type, distribution type, compact type, flow type and other major types. Its Shenchen LabM series are basic peristaltic pumps, which are cost-effective, economical and durable.


LabM series basic peristaltic pump adopts ABS engineering plastic shell with anti-corrosion and anti-static protective coating. 3-digit LED displays the motor speed, controlled by membrane buttons. With timing function, the time range of 0.5 seconds -999 seconds can be used as a recommended allocation. Support RS232 and RS485 (standard Modbus protocol) two communication methods.


LabM series basic peristaltic pump can be matched with four pump heads, EasyPump series pump head, YZ series pump head, AMC series pen head, MC pump head, 7 kinds of conventional hoses, the flow range is 0.0000829~3100 ml/min. It is suitable for university laboratories, ion chromatography, titrator matching, etc.


If you want to know more about LabM series basic peristaltic pump, you can learn about it through the online customer service of Shenchen Pump Industry website or  email to info@good-pump.com.