> Can a peristaltic pump fill detergent?

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The pump source of the peristaltic pump filling machine adopts a peristaltic pump, which makes full use of the characteristics of the peristaltic pump. The structure is simple. During the transmission process, the liquid only touches the peristaltic pump hose without touching the pump body, so there is no need to clean the pump body. Clean the pump head and replace the peristaltic pump hose.

The peristaltic pump filling machine is driven by a stepping motor or a servo motor, and is suitable for YZ series pump heads, DY series pump heads, HandyPump pump heads, MiniPump pump heads, etc. The number of channels is generally 4 filling units, and the number of pump heads can also be increased or reduced according to demand. Up to 32 filling units can be added, sharing one control drive. The filling liquid, filling time, interval time, filling times, suction angle, etc. can be set, and it has the functions of intelligent calibration and online fine-tuning.


So can the peristaltic pump filling machine fill detergent?


The peristaltic pump filling machine can fill most types of liquids, including liquids with high viscosity. It is very suitable for supporting the filling production line. It can be filled: detergent, various medicaments, chemicals, oils, cosmetics, food and other liquids. It can be said that the peristaltic pump filling machine is a good helper in realizing the distribution of small amounts and large doses of liquid.


Shenchen peristaltic pump filling machines include: KF300, CF600, CF350, DF600 and many other models, which are suitable for liquid filling in different flow ranges. If you want to know more about Shenchen Peristaltic Pump Filling Machine, you can check the product technical parameters through Shenchen Pump's website, or through online customer service or email to info@good-pump.com.