> Is the Constant Flow Pump the Same As the Gear Pump?

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Some friends will have this question-is the constant flow pump the same as the gear pump? In fact, these two types of pumps belong to an inclusive relationship, and they have something in common, but they are different. So what is the difference between a constant flow pump and a gear pump?

Constant flow pump refers to a pump device with a constant flow rate, so as long as it can meet this requirement, it can be called a constant flow pump, and pump devices can be made using different principles, such as peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, gear pumps, etc. The working principle of the pump is different, but they can all achieve this constant flow rate requirement. Therefore, the gear pump is a kind of constant flow pump, which can be called a constant flow pump, but the constant flow pump does not refer to a gear pump.

But many people say that the constant flow pump refers to the peristaltic pump. In the 1990s, the peristaltic pump just entered China. People may not understand what a peristaltic pump is. One of the characteristics of the peristaltic pump is the constant flow rate, so we He was named after the constant flow pump, and it was easier for people to accept it. Later, it has been accepted by people like this. However, as the peristaltic pump has entered the Chinese market for more and more time, people have slowly accepted the characteristics of the peristaltic pump. , So the name of the peristaltic pump is more and more accepted by people.


And before we buy a constant flow pump, we must determine which type of pump product we need. You should also understand the application range, flow range, working pressure, and the liquid to be transferred, so that it is convenient for the sales staff to choose the right pump for you. Shenchen Pump is a manufacturer of constant flow pumps (peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps). If you want to know more about Shenchen constant flow pumps, you can visit the online customer service of Shenchen Pumps website or email to info@good-pump.com.