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  • Laboratory application

    Peristaltic pump used in laboratory for cell fluid transferring, chemistry dispensing, liquid chromatography. ...

  • E Liquid Filling Pump

    Our pump LabF6/YZ2515x-PPS is very suitable for filling E-liquid bottles.It’s intelligent model with touch screen control.Preset filling vo

  • Filling Various Reagents

    Special for filling 96 deep well plate, simple operation. The filling efficiency up to 5 seconds per board....

  • OEM Supporting

    OEM peristaltic pumps widely used in water quality, bio-chemistry analytical instrument supporting....

  • Customized Solution

    OCM customized fluid handling solution, with Shenchen peristaltic pump technology, provide project design and complete solution....

  • Nucleic Acid Detection Reagent Dispensing System

    This product is an intelligent platform for automatic dispensing of nucleic acid detection reagents, realizing high-precision automated mass

  • Intelligent leaner mixing system

    Cleaning liquid intelligent matching system, the user can be based on the cleaning solution of the prescription procedures, the system automa

  • Peristaltic Pump for Bioreactor

    A bioreactor refers to device or system designed to grow cells or tissues in the context of cell culture. These devices are being developed f